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Deal Starts: 20/06/2023 16:20:00
Deals Ends: 19/06/2024 16:17:00

Offer Category: Garden & Leisure
Offer type: promotion

Terms: The QD Reward Card terms and conditions
The following terms and conditions apply to the QD Reward Card (QDRC) Scheme and to any person who holds a QD Reward Card (a ‘Cardholder’):-

The QD Reward Card Scheme

You can update your marketing preferences at any time by logging into your online account or via any marketing email if you register your Reward Card online. Alternatively, correspondence relating to the QDRC Scheme, including marketing preference changes, should be sent to Please include your name and Reward Card Number when making any correspondence via email.
Your QDRC and any replacements that are issued remain the property of QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd. The QDRC Scheme is free of charge to all persons who purchase goods in QD Stores and its associated shops. QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd reserves the right to alter, without prior notice, products included in or excluded from the QDRC Scheme and it reserves the right to change the number of participating shops at any time
To apply for a QDRC and take advantage of the QDRC Scheme you must be over 16 years of age.
Your name, postal address or email address must be provided for a QDRC to be registered. We cannot send you our exclusive rewards unless your card is registered.
Your QDRC cannot be used as a credit card or guarantee card. The QDRC Scheme is only for consumer use. The QDRC cannot be used for any transaction where the purchaser or ultimate beneficiary is a business entity.
Your QDRC can only be used by the person to whom it is registered.
A Cardholder can choose to leave the QDRC Scheme at any time by giving written notice to QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd or by leaving his/her QDRC at a participating shop. By leaving the QDRC Scheme a Cardholder forfeits any entitlement to all exclusive offers relating to the QDRC Scheme
In addition to paragraph 7 above, QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd reserves the right on notice to Cardholders to (i) stop issuing QDRCs at any time; (ii) amend the benefits of the QDRC Scheme at any time; (iii) alter or amend these terms and conditions and the operation of the QDRC and/or the QDRC Scheme; and (iv) withdraw or cancel a QDRC and/or terminate the QDRC Scheme. For the purpose of this paragraph, and any other paragraphs which contain a right for or an obligation upon QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd to give notice, the period of will be such duration, if any, as QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd in its absolution discretion decides and will be considered adequately given if (a) sent by to the Cardholder at the email address (if any) held by QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd for that Cardholder and (b) by QD Commercial Group Holdings Ltd placing a copy of the notice on its website,
Only one card will be valid per customer. We will use the personal information and transactional history for sending personalised marketing material via email or post, however we will never share your information with third parties. You can opt out by visiting
If you need to contact us, you can email us at

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Save 10% On Your First Order at QD stores
Save 10% On Your First Order at QD stores

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